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This Review Takes the Cake!

by Sarah Hatton on January 24, 2024


We received an email today from someone who received the Ultimate Cloth for Christmas. 
It's too entertaining not to share:


Dearest Ultimate Cloth,
I feel the need to share my experience with your product.  Sorry, it is going to be lengthy.  I have a lot to say.
Let me set the stage.  It's Christmas morning. I am handed a gift to open from my dearest husband.  It's in a lovely gift bag with ribbons abound.  Is it jewelry?  No, it can't be. We have decided to tighten the purse strings as much as possible. Maybe it's something spicy from Victoria Secret (hopefully on sale!).  I gingerly untie the ribbons and slowly remove the tissue.
WAIT!  WHAT???  CLEANING CLOTHS??  I will admit, I was, err, a little disappointed and maybe a tad offended.  I guess his assistant recommended this to him.  Gee, thanks Linda.
Fast forward to a month later - THIS THING IS THE BOMB.  Where have you been all my life??  Here are my thoughts on why your product could be the best invention of all time:

1. **The Great Paper Towel Exodus:**
Picture this: a dramatic farewell to the paper towel aisle at the grocery store, complete with a slow-motion exit and an imaginary mic drop. The Ultimate Cloth stole the spotlight, making me realize that the days of mindlessly tearing off sheet after sheet of paper towel were officially over. The trash can wept, and my wallet did a little happy dance.  

2. **The Chemical-Free Circus:**
Who needs a magician when you have the Ultimate Cloth? With a swish and a wipe, it managed to make dirt disappear without the need for any fancy, expensive cleaning potions. Even after a month, I still stand back and watch the little water streaks disappear. The novelty just does not wear off!  My cleaning routine is now as pure as the driven snow, minus the snowballs.  And don't even get me started on the space under my sink now!  

3. **The Durability Dose:**
Move over, Mr. Clean  – the Ultimate Cloth has durability on its side. I couldn't help but smirk with skepticism as I put it through the wringer (literally) with countless washes, only to find it emerge unscathed each time. It's like my personal cleaner, my very own "help" – and doesn't ask for a single vacation day.

4. **Versatility: The Ultimate Juggler:**
Cleaning, polishing, dusting – the Ultimate Cloth wears many hats in my house, or in this case, wipes. I felt like I'd hired a one-cloth cleaning crew that could handle anything and everything.  Even after a month, I still stand back and watch the little water streaks disappear as they dry.  I prefer to call this supervising as this is the closest I will ever get to hiring house cleaners. The time and money this little gem is saving is staggering!  I literally whip through my house in no time, even with all my "supervising".
Now, let's talk money.  I came to your website to check out how much these little babies go for.  I was pleasantly surprised as I was recently part of an online multi level marketing facebook party for microfiber products (I'm sure you can guess which one!)  What they were charging for 2 cloths, I can get a pack of 8!  I'm lining MY pockets, not someone else's! Also, I estimate my savings for paper towel, glass cleaner, stainless steel appliance cleaner, sink cleaner, furniture cleaner, glass top stove cleaner, disinfectant wipes...etc. to be approx. $40/month.  PER MONTH.  Meaning, over a year, I will be saving almost $500!  And that is a conservative amount as the price of cleaning products just keeps climbing!  You say your cloths are guaranteed for 5 years (fingers crossed!) but I've read some reviews that people have had them for well over 10. Do the math, that's a ton of savings! 
Thank you Dave (my husband), thank you Linda (his assistant), and thank you Ultimate Cloth for such an amazing product. 
All the best for the New Year!
Ultimate Cloth Fan Girl #1 

We have emailed Cassandra to find out what kit she received for Christmas as we are unsure of which "Dave/David" in our system is her husband.  Stay tuned!



by Julie on February 06, 2024

Loved the story. I’ve been using these cloths 20 years now. My old dresser mirror has those streaks that mirrors sometime develop with age. One day I decided to do that mirror with the cloth and voila!! Those streaks disappeared. That’s odd because those usually come from the back finish on mirrors. When I was my car I use the cloth to wipe it down instead of a towel or chamois. I would not be without them and I share them with my friends and famillly. Great product.

by Lily Ho on February 06, 2024

I knew about them when they first had a booth in the Toronto Home Show. We have pets so we need to avoid chemicals as kich as we could.
Out of curiosity and our love to experience new products, we bought few twin packs. I have to tell everyone that we love the cloth every single time we use it. Super durable and especially great for clean glass surface. They are absolutely great product!!

Strongly recommended.

by Cassie – AKA Cassandra – AKA " A STAR IS BORN!" on February 02, 2024

Cassie – AKA Cassandra – AKA " A STAR IS BORN!"
Move Over, Hollywood – I’m a Blog Star Now!

Guess who just found out they’re not just famous in their living room anymore? 🌟 Yup, that’s right – yours truly! 🤩 I just opened an email from Ultimate Cloth with a link to a copy of my email gracing the pages of their blog. I’m feeling like the Meryl Streep of customer satisfaction right now.

I’d like to thank my laptop for being there during the writing process and my Wi-Fi for not giving up on me mid-email – you guys are the real MVPs! 🏆

Who knew the musings in my email would be the talk of the town? To celebrate my newfound fame, I’m considering hiring an agent and demanding red carpet treatment for my next product email feedback. I mean, if my words are blog-worthy, shouldn’t I be treated like the VIP I clearly am now?

Thanks for the shoutout, Ultimate Cloth! If you need an autograph, you know where to find me – right in front of my computer, typing away more love letters about my beloved rags. 🎉

Stay fabulous, Cassie 💃

by Judith Michie on February 02, 2024

I absolutely love the ultimate cloth. I have used it for years, I have gifted many, one being my daughter, she couldn’t believe how awesome they are, went and cleaned all her windows and car windows. I cut it into fours , use it for cleaning my glasses, stove top, microwave, you name it. Some look a bit ragged, but I keep using them over and over. Love, love them!

by Paul A. Jackson on February 02, 2024

This review is a WINNER! On so many levels, am hoping that she got the canadian supposed flag, and uses it instead of Toilet Paper! Can you print on with justine truedopes face on it?

by JULIA on January 25, 2024


by Chantal on January 25, 2024

Great review 😂😂

by Donna on January 25, 2024

Thanks for the morning laugh. I also can’t live without my cloths.

by Marianne Johnston on January 25, 2024

Love mine! My favourite is the grey bacteria one. I use it as a dishcloth as recommended by one of the employees when I ordered. No more smelling dishrags!! It’s a streak free cloth too, but I use the grey one primarily in the kitchen and my staple dishrag. I wouldn’t recommend bouncing back and forth between it being streakfree and washing dishes as you may end up getting streaks on appliances as soap and any grease like butter or oil picked up might leave a streak. But I have many others for that.

by J Pellitier on January 25, 2024

That was a lovely read. Thank you for sharing. I have been using the Ultimate Cloth for several years. Mine have definitely lasted over 5 years. But they start looking ragged over time. I buy new ones and deligate the old ones to the garage. There is nothing like a brand new pristine Ultimate Cloth.

by Ultimate Cloth Canada on January 25, 2024

If you are using them on abrasive surfaces, such as grout, inside of a bbq…etc, they will definitely wear down. Or using them with a corrosive product can eat through fabric over time. I personally have the very first cloth I ever used. It’s 12 yrs old. There’s no doubt, it’s ugly. It has pilled, has a hole (I snagged it on a sharp edge of stainless) and is severely discoloured. It still leaves the surfaces streak-free, but it’s ugly! In any event, always feel free to reach out as we stand behind our product!

Ultimate Cloth Canada Inc.
Customer Service

by c cormier on January 25, 2024

I must be scrubbing too much, mine get full of holes way before the 5 year mark, but work well before they start to tear.

by Floris Ann Dawson on January 25, 2024

What a joy to read that review!!! I have gifted many cloths and I have had expressions of appreciation from the recipients………………but not nothing equal to the enthusiasm I just read about. Many years ago I was gifted a cloth, and to this day I thank Donna for being generous and sharing this work load reducing cloth. I have gone forward for many years without having to use harmful and/or smelly chemicals in my cleaning. I am now 84 years old and I do not use any cleaning substances except for a clay scouring powder to use on cook ware to shine them up, and only occasionally. Thank you for these beautiful products. At my age, my cloths seem to lasting longer with more infrequent use!

by Suzie on January 24, 2024

Ha ha! She must be a writer! I agree. They are amazing. I still use a bit of paper towel but not near what I used to. I’m sure I’ve save hundreds of $$ on just paper towel and have not used windex in years.

by Beverley Overton on January 24, 2024

I have used your product for years & swear by them. haven’t ordered any for a couple of years only because Mar 31/20 we had a fire in our condo bldg. and could not return until Aug 12/21. Although I lost a lot of stuff, my Cloths were stored in a cabinet drawer that survived and on top of that I had an unopened package so I will be back.



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