Wholesale and Fundraising

Interested in wholesale or fundraising? Wholesale orders start at as little as 100 cloths. That's only 25 x 4 pks! We even custom print inserts with your information on them for reorders. Be in business for yourself full time or part time. Be your own boss.


It's a wide open market
Since the Ultimate Cloth's MiraFiber® is a new technology and not available in any major retailers, there are millions of people that are not familiar with this innovative new fiber.


Product Quality
The UltimateCloth® is guaranteed to work for 5 years. One of a Kind MiraFiber® is a patented technology and Ultimate Cloth® is the only company offering a cloth with the Mirafiber® trademark.


Easy to Sell
When dealing with a quality product that is easy to demonstrate, the product speaks for itself. Fill out the form for more information!