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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my Ultimate Cloths®?

Simply Wet them with water - Wring out Well - then Clean your Surface and Walk AWAY! Let it dry on its own. Ultimate Cloth®'s unique 'one-step' process cuts your cleaning time in half. No more messy, harmful chemicals, no more paper towels.

What is the difference between the Classics/MiraFiber® Platinum/PRO cloths?

Classic Whites: Our award winning original cloths. Streak free cleaning with water only! Available in 3 Sizes. MiraFiber® Platinum - Colour: TAN/GREY. Sold in pairs, one of each colour. Streak free cleaning with water only PLUS they pick up 99.99% of bacteria (ACT Labs) off your surface. Any residual bacteria left in the cloth after rinsing will be KILLED by the cloth within 24hrs (ACT Labs). Standard size only. PRO Coths - Colour: WHITE in BadBoy Size / YELLOW in Midsize. Streak free cleaning with water only PLUS textured to give more scrubbing action. Also will hold 2X the dirt before it needs to be washed. Check out our cloth comparison chart see a side by side comparison

Why should I rinse or wash my Ultimate Cloths® prior to first use?

The cloth should be rinsed or washed prior to first use due to the manufacturing process. There may be residue or loose fibers that may have clung to the cloth that need washed or rinsed out of the cloth. Washing or rinsing the cloth prior to first use will ensure a clean, lint, dust, spot and streak free surface with every use.

How often should I wash my Ultimate Cloths®?

MiraFiber Platinum Cloths: Weekly. The cloth must be clean enough that the antimicrobial fibers are in direct contact with the bacteria to kill it. All Other Cloths: This depends entirely on the surfaces you are cleaning. For example if you are cleaning indoor windows the cloth will only need rinsed with a little dish soap and put right back to work. If you have just cleaned a greasy stove top the cloth is probably ready to be cleaned in the dishwasher or washing machine. The best way to tell when it is time to wash your cloths is if the surfaces you are cleaning are not left completely streak free.

How do I wash the UltimateCloth®?

Machine wash with detergent and hang to dry. No fabric softener.  Bleaching by way of washing machine only. Please do not soak the cloths in bleach for an extended period of time. They are fabric and not completely invisible!

What surfaces will the Ultimate Cloth® clean?

A better question would be what can you not use it on! You can use the UltimateCloth® on any hard surface! Safe on wood, leather and even Lexan surfaces!  For more information on all of the surfaces you may use the Ultimate Cloth® on, please visit our Surfaces & Messes section of this website.

I am getting water spots what am I doing wrong?

Water spots are caused by too much moisture in your cloth. When using the cloth, be sure to wring it out WELL. The cloth should feel lightly damp. Water spots simply mean you did not wring it tight enough.

Why is my cloth streaking?

If this is in regards to stainless steel, see the next question below. Otherwise, if you are getting streaks 'straight out of the package', there can be debris left on your cloths from the manufacturing process. Otherwise you may have grease or dirt in the cloth from previous cleaning you have done which can hinder the 'streak free clean'. Please wash them with whites in detergent - make sure they are rinsed properly and resume use. For normal use, wet with water - wring out WELL & wipe any surface. Don't over-dampen. *Remember: a CLEAN cloth will never streak or spot so if you are getting streaks after using your cloth for awhile, it's probably ready for a good 'rinsing' or washing with detergent.

Why is the cloth not working on my stainless steel?

Everyone loves the Stainless Steel appliances in the showroom and then you get them home and they are impossible to keep clean. When you purchase the Stainless appliances they also sell you the Stainless Steel cleaners. These cleaners contain either oil or silicone which coats the surface. That is why you can see each fingerprint because the oil or silicone is being smeared on the surface. This is another reason you cannot spot clean Stainless Steel either. The easiest way to remove this chemical is to wet your cloth with water and do NOT wring it out. It needs to be very wet. Sprinkle baking soda onto the cloth. Directly apply the wet cloth with baking soda on it to your appliance and wipe it going with the grain of the stainless steel. Wipe the surface well, flip the cloth to a clean side to finish it off and remove any of the baking soda residue. If there are still streaks, repeat this process until there are no streaks. When finished, wash the cloth in the washing machine to remove the chemical from the cloth. For more information on how to care for Ultimate Cloth®, please visit the Tips and Care section of this website. As long as you refrain from using stainless steel cleaner, you will never have to repeat this process. Also, spot treating will now be possible.

Can I use the Ultimate Cloth® on my plasma TV screen or my LCD computer monitor?

Absolutely. Many of the 'new' surfaces in our home are extremely sensitive to chemicals that will 'mar or blur' the surface. As there are no chemicals in the cloth and a clean cloth is guaranteed not to scratch these surfaces, it is safe for any home/business cleaning. PLEASE NOTE: Dirt will scratch, but the cloth will not. Make sure your cloth is clean & free of dirt or grit from any other cleaning you may have done. For more information on all of the surfaces you may use the Ultimate Cloth® on, please visit our Surfaces & Messes section of this website.

A cloth with a 5 year warranty? Will it really last that long?

First, we want to address the term 'general use'. This guarantee is for home use and not 'professional use' of the Ultimate Cloth® product line. The lifespan of the cloth is a practical issue. We always use the analogy that if someone were to wear jeans everyday and only had one pair - AND washed them every other day - then that pair of jeans would not last as long as they would if the person had 3 - 4 pairs and washed them every couple of weeks. It's the same with the cloth. The life and effectiveness of the cloth will be effected by excessive daily use, number of washings, soaking in bleach, drying in the dryer or caustic chemicals.

Why would I need more than 1 or 2 cloths?

The Ultimate Cloths® are not just for glass, mirrors and windows. We have found that when someone only has 1 or 2 cloths, they get very protective of them for these surfaces. When they have more, there is a freedom to use them on all the other surfaces of the home or business. Once you do, you are equally impressed on all the other surfaces. As a society, we have become accustomed to having things handy. Our customers generally having several cloths available in each bathroom, some for the kitchen, a few in the garage and many like to keep them in their vehicles, etc. The Ultimate Cloth® also makes perfect gift. We are incredibly busy over the holidays as they make excellent stocking stuffers, Mother’s and Father’s day gifts, as well as amazing hostess gifts.

What is your return policy?

If for any reason, you are not happy with the Ultimate Cloths®, please call us at 888-609-7740. If you would like a refund, we will gladly give you a refund within 30 days of original purchase. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. For wholesale orders, there will be a restocking fee of 30% on the cloth and bags only. Sorry, there are no refunds on custom printed materials. Why a restocking fee? We must count and inspect all cloths to be put back into inventory to be sure they are in pristine condition.

Is your Site Secure?

Absolutely. Look up at the address bar. Notice the https://the "s" stands for secure. However, if you are still uncomfortable ordering over the internet, please feel free to order by calling us toll free at 1-888-609-7740 or by sending us a cheque or money order using our mail order form on the back of your insert.

How quickly do you ship?

Usually orders are shipped the next business day. During busy periods, the processing time can be delayed another day. Rest assured, we make every effort to have your shipment on it's way immediately.

Can I order in bulk /can I resell the Ultimate Cloth®

Wholesale pricing starts at as little as 100 cloths. For more information on how to buy and resell the Ultimate Cloth®, simply fill out the wholesale order form at the bottom right of our Wholesale Page.

For all other questions or concerns that are not addressed on our website, feel free to call us at 888-609-7740 9am – 4pm EST, Monday through Friday or email us at