Award Winning MiraFiber® Technology - Streak Free - Spot Free - Lint Free


MiraFiber® Platinum is similar to our original patented MiraFiber® in the respect to it's construction and streak free cleaning ability. However, there are two main differences. First, it is manufactured differently to pick up even more materials off of surfaces. Mainly, bacteria. This revolutionary process enables users to pick up 99.99% of bacteria (certified by ACTLabs). Not only that, but embedded into the fibers are natural antimircobial filaments that are spun endlessly which are incapable of being released from the cloth. These special antimicrobial filaments will kill any residual bacteria left within the cloth after rinsing within 24hrs. (certified by ACTLabs). All of this cleaning power, but just as effective at keeping surfaces streak free, spot free and lint free. They are coloured for easy identification and sold in pairs (one of each colour).

MiraFiber® Platinum (1)

******************SOLD OUT****************** 26 Pc. WOW Mega Complete Kit